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Wealth of Knowledge
Rassmal’s roots and stability in the MENA region allow it to capitalise upon the area’s exceptional wealth and excess liquidity. Their established and strong connections are essential in a marketplace that thrives on relationships. Rassmal serves as a force enhancing the economic competitiveness of companies in its portfolios through strategic guidance and the optimising financial and human resources.

Rassmal’s key to success is due in large part to the values through which it conducts all its business: promoting economic development via open channels of communication, integrity and commitment to excellence.


Rassmal’s has become a premier investment company by;

  • Focusing on the powerful growth potential of developing economies
  • Providing the agility and talent of a boutique firm that is able to recognise and generate unique investment opportunities
  • Investing directly and with other entities
  • Developing strong long-term relationships with various affiliated family companies
  • Structuring its investment transactions to the highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • Implementing the best control measures in its business from corporate governance to compliance
  • Ensuring excellent investment return are achieved for the company and its affiliates